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The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

Most people fit into FOUR body shapes. Without really examining this and truly understanding how hormones work, a person could easily blame their weight problem on genetics, old age and many other things. This is NOT what you want to do. Your weight, metabolism and fat are directly controlled by hormones and when these hormones become out of balance, your body will distort very predictably every single time. If you know where your hormones are not working properly, you can predict what the person will look like on the outside. Fat is directed to specific locations by hormones.

Fat Is Merely Potential Energy!

There are two things your body is doing constantly: (1) Using or burning energy or (2) Saving or storing energy. If your body is hormonally out of balance, you will be more efficient at storing energy and not burning it (burning of fat will be blocked). This will lead to lots of POTENTIAL ENERGY. This sounds better, doesn’t it? It's not really fat, its' just potential energy. In my book, I will explain how the hormones become out of balance. You will learn the exact foods you need to be eating to get these back into balance.

Why Is This Book So Unique And Different?

Most other diet and exercise books are directed to the entire population as a whole. They put everyone on the same diet. My book goes into the four most common specific weaknesses that are responsible for the different body types. In the book, you are directed to the correct plan based on your individual body type. It's tailored-made. This explains why some people get results with certain diets and others do NOT.

This book is not just another ordinary diet. Diets don’t work without first finding out the cause to your specific weight problem. Most people fit into four main categories or body types -- body type being endocrine weakness. Having the correct information and the right plan for your body type is a much easier and faster way to reach your goals of keeping the weight off. In The 7 Principles of Fat Burning we not only tell you what to do but we change the way you look at your body, foods, and exercise. This book gives you powerful insights into what’s really happening to your body at the hormone level.

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times:

“Everyone knows” that consuming more calories than are burned is the cause of you being fat. And all you have to do is reduce your calorie input and increase the expenditure of energy (exercise) and you will lose weight.

Well, there is just one little problem. It doesn’t work!

How does one explain the variables (exceptions)? How do you explain the skinny guy that eats like a horse yet doesn’t even gain an ounce? And what about the overweight person who consumes a very small amount of food and then weighs five pounds more the next day? Many people who exercise consistently two hours per day, seven days per week for months lose next to nothing.

There are some serious flaws within the current methods of losing weight and a theory is only as true as it works.

What has been missing in this calculation is a thing called hormones.

Hormones control metabolism. Hormones cause fat-burning effects. And each fat-burning hormone has specific triggers to fat-burning effects. Knowing these triggers is vital to losing weight long term.

Unfortunately most people never tap into their fat reserves at all. They initially lose some water weight on diets for a couple of weeks, but then plateau. To get your body to burn fat, it takes a very specific program.

Read and apply The 7 Principles of Fat Burning and you not just burn fat but bring your health to a whole new level!

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